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Vetrolin White n' Brite Shampoo


Vetrolin White n' Brite Shampoo

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Vetrolin White ‘N Brite Shampoo from Farnam is a color enhancing shampoo. Specially-formulated, deep-cleaning shampoo brings out the best in all colored coats. Adds incredible brilliance to coats, manes and tails, and leaves them soft and shiny. The optical brighteners in White ‘N Bright reflect light off hair to enhance highlights. Gentle; contains coconut oil derivatives to moisturize and increase absorption of brightening agents. Removes even the worst yellow stains. Works well in hot or cold water. Great for dogs, too! Directions: Ready-to-use shampoo - add 2-4 capfuls to 2 gals of water; Spot cleaning treatment - rub directly onto stain and rinse after 5 mins.

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