Veredus Pro Jump Short Vento Boot with Elastic

by Veredus
$ 219.95

The Veredus Pro Jump Short Vento Boot with Elastic is the first jump-enhancing ankle boot that guarantees double ventilation! More dangerous than any impact is the effect of heat buildup on your horse's legs. The Veredus VENTO releases heat through their exclusive double ventilation system. Cool air is drawn in through the bottom vents and heat is released through the top vents. Air circulation within the boot is aided with Aerox micro perforated neoprene and 3D Mesh Ducted fabric. The Veredus Pro Jump boot features an anatomically shaped polyurethane shell; elastic straps; fast release ferrules with narrowing hook holes to allow fast and easy hooking and release, without compromising security. This design enhances a horse’s action over fences. Made in Italy.