The Optimum Time Watch with Large Dial

by Nunn Finer
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$ 120.00
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This watch from Nunn Finer was designed by Eventers, for Eventers. Key features make this a must have for your riding! How about a watch with a count down timer!! and then it beeps and counts back up after it gets to your optimum -- a really cool feature! Waterproof case Massive 20mm digits Positive click buttons on the stop Available in several great colors to match your attire.

"I've tried many watches and Optimum Time Watch is truly great. The large display helps give me the 'optimum time' I'm looking for. David liked mine so well he tried to steal mine so I made him buy his own!" -Karen Lende O'Conner  

"I'm certain my accuracy on time cross-country at Bromont was due to this watch's great beeping feature, letting me know every minute that I was where I needed to be on course. It was also helpful listening for the watch instead of having to take my hands off the reins to look, as it was raining heavily. I look forward to using this watch from now on!" - Carol Kozlowski