Tagg Code Sport Band

by Tagg Code
$ 34.95
The Next Evolution in Defining Your Life Tagg Code the code that’s more than a code. It keeps you connected while keeping you protected because life can be dangerous. Define yourself and get Tagged In. Tagg Code provides all athletes, sports and outdoor enthusiast a secure Virtual Life Passport. This includes access to the live Tagg Code First Response Center™, your medical data, social network linking and your recreational licenses and permits; as well as athletic release and authorization forms. Tagg Code has introduced a unique patent pending product that provides each member a unique Tagg Code in the form of a Quick Response Code (QR Code) embedded in all Tagg Wear™ items. This code, once scanned by any device with a QR Code scanning application launches the member’s splash page. From the splash page, the member can control access to relevant medical data and other information via a secure PIN. This includes an emergency button that activates calls to your emergency contacts, which may provide the first responders with your PIN. The member may also opt to allow Tagg Code to create a temporary key for emergency responders. The Tagg Code emergency medical record is compliant and meets all standards of The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). All Tagg Code products come with a Lifetime Standard Service Plan that includes the standard services. An optional Pro Service Plan with additional features is available for $5 per month, and all Tagg Code products come with a FREE 6-month Pro Service Plan for you to try out! This product is applicable to anyone! Eventers benefit as a medical armband or bracelet is mandatory at events. However we have probably all been at a place when an accident happens and critical medical information is needed, whether falling off a horse at a show, getting injured at the barn, or in a car accident, the application of this product is diverse. They even have a tag for your dog or horse. For our eventers, here is the except from the USEF Rulebook As per USEF Rule 113.3 - MEDICAL CARDS/MEDICAL BRACELETS. An approved and completed medical card or medical bracelet is required any time while jumping. Medical cards must be enclosed in a transparent, waterproof carrier and must be securely attached to the competitor’s upper arm on the outside of the competitor’s clothing. Medical bracelets must be visible on the competitors wrist. Medical cards must include any relevant medical history, injury (particularly to the head), drug allergies and current medication. If wearing a medical bracelet, any relevant medical history injury (particularly to the head) drug allergies and current medications must be included in the online medical form of the bracelet’s vendor website. Athletes are responsible to record all injuries on the card or in the case of a medical bracelet, update their medical information online. Failure to wear one’s own medical card shall be penalized by a fine of $100.