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Sprenger Dressage bit, Aurgian

Herm Sprenger

Sprenger Dressage bit, Aurgian

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Herm Sprenger bits have outstanding German quality and are professionally developed using unique materials and the finest workmanship.andnbsp; The Herm Sprenger KK Weymouth was developed for horses with a sensitive mouth. It works completely different from a bit with a port. Designed with a unique 45 degree angle in the front, the port moves down on the tongue so there is no pressure on the palate. Genuine patented Aurigan bits are manufactured only by Herm Sprenger. Aurigan is a perfect mixture of materials (85% copper, 4% silicon and 11% zinc). Aurigan has high oxidation properties and provides a pleasant taste to encourage chewing activity and easy acceptance of the bit. No pressure on palate Suitable for introducing a horse to a Weymouth Improvement of the chewing activity Aurigan mouth encourages chewing acceptance Stainless steel cheeks

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