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Spooks Color Ladies Show Jacket

Spooks Gmbh

Spooks Color Ladies Show Jacket

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A variation on our top selling show jackets for dressage riders, eventers and jumpers. Just try this jacket on and you will never want to take it off. The fabric is super soft and stretchy. Feels like your favorite sweatshirt as far as comfy fit. Nice Form-fitting showjacket to show off your curves. Fits well on the hard to fit bodies as well such as broad shoulders and long arms. Many small details such as logo embroidery on the sleeves, Buttons with crowns, zippers on the sleeves. Best of all it is machine washable. The sizing does run on the small size so we find most people have to go up one size. Girls are also able to fit this jacket as it goes from XXS to XL with most girls in the XXS-S sizing.

Material: 90% Polyamide, 10% elastane

Sizing information in centimeters

Back length (in cm): XXS: 59, XS: 60, S: 64, M: 64, L: 64, XL: 65

Length of the waist (in cm): XXS: 31, XS: 34, S: 35, M: 36, L: 39, XL: 40

Length at the level of the chest (in cm): XXS: 38, XS: 41, S: 42, M: 43, L: 43, XL: 46

Arm length (in cm): XXS: 58, XS: 60, S: 65, M: 65, L: 65, XL: 67

Armholes (in cm): XXS: 18, XS: 20, S: 21, M: 22, L: 23, XL: 25

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