Red Barn Travers Dressage Bridle with Flash and Pebble Grip Reins

by Red Barn
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The Red Barn Travers Dressage Bridle is for the Dressage rider who prefers a classical cavesson noseband with a flash attached to the noseband and is a wider version of the Levade. The Travers features a 1 1/4" padded round raised noseband, with a 3/4" matching browband, 5/8" cheek pieces, and a padded contoured headstall.  This bridle is made of the best Grade A Sedgwick's English leather. All hardware is stainless steel, buckle end, with a roller buckle on the noseband. This version of the bridle has been upgraded to 3/4″ Pebble Grip Reins which are a soft rubber rein, with large pimples, that make it easy to hold and provides an extra grip.