Lorenzini Aluminum Titanium Dressage Stirrups with Rubber Footbed

by Lorenzini
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$ 310.00
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Lorenzini Stirrups combine the lightweight strength of Aluminum and Titanium, with advanced European and ergonomic engineering. These new stirrups are unique around the world in their patented technology of these two extremely light, resistant and biocompatible materials. Their main feature is high and long-lasting mechanical resistance to stress and wear and tear, much greater than what is currently on the market. The knurled titanium tread increases surface friction, so that the foot perfectly adheres to it.  The sophisticated ergonomic design favors the foot coming out, therefore limiting possible injuries. The practically triangular arch guarantees high resistance to torsion, therefore maintaining correct positioning. Thanks to this feature, even if the foot accidentally comes out, it substantially remains in place and the rider can easily and quickly get it back into the stirrups. The lateral inserts, in contact with the skin and coat of the horse, are made of titanium so that the stirrup is extremely biocompatible and reduces rubs and irritations. Made in Italy

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