Ko-Cho-Line Leather Dressing

by Carr & Day & Martin
$ 11.99

Pink, thick, and greasy, use Ko-Cho-Line Leather Dressing as a waterproofer on everyday tack and to soften and restore old hardened leather. Also fantastic for prepping leather for storage - a good coating of Ko-Cho-Line will prevent mold and mildew, and keep leather soft and supple while not in use (keeps metal from rusting, too!). Will not rot stitching. By Carr Day Martin. 225 gram can.

Directions for use: Apply to clean leather with a dry cloth, rub in well, and allow to penetrate for at least 12 hours before use.

Not suitable for aniline or untreated leather, suede, or nubuck. Test on a hidden area before use. May darken lighter colored leather.