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Fleeceworks Therawool Perfect Balance Half Pad


Fleeceworks Therawool Perfect Balance Half Pad

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The Fleeceworks Therawoold Half Pad featuring Perfect Balance Technology. This half pad comes with 2 sets of removable 1/2″ full visco inserts which offer increased protection for your horse’s back. Visco foam will even out minor contact issues as it contours to horses’ toplines. Front pockets designed to accommodate optional visco wither inserts. Rear of pad will fit optional visco back risers.

The new Therawool from. Fleeceworks takes the same wool fibers used in their sheepskin pads and weaves them onto poly-acrylic backing. Considered a sustainable fiber vs. a live fiber. Durable, breathable, washable, hydrophylic, elastic and protective. Soft and plush even after washing. Returns to original appearance with brushing. Tough enough for daily use. Beautiful enough for show.

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