Equine Comfort Products Cotton Correction Half Pad with Memory Foam Inserts

by Equine Comfort Products (ECP)
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Equine Comfort Product's (ECP) Cotton Correction Pads let you create a customized level of support that is just right for your horse, allowing you to compensate for any changes in your horses back. With their correction pad system it puts the rider closer with the horse and provides the extra stability needed when using their correction system. 100% Cotton Correctoin half Pad is an essential tool for any rider. The ECP correction Half Pad has a cotton quilted top with 4 pockets (2 - front pockets and 2 - back pockets) with 3 memory foam shims in each pocket. This allows you to customize the fit exactly where you need it. The shims are contoured to fit in the front and rear pockets allowing for a more ergonomic fit. The brushed cotton lining is soft, moisture wicking and has great heat transfer properties. Billet Straps. Fits saddles 16.5" to 18"