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DeNiro Novello Doc Dress Boot

DeNiro Boot Co

DeNiro Novello Doc Dress Boot

$ 799.00 $ 950.00

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New from DeNiro Boot Co is the Novello Doc Dress Boot.  The leather in the Novello Doc is specially treated to give it water resistant features but also to make it buttery soft.  With over 500 standard sizes, this boot will give you the perfect fit, the right look, and the long term wear that top riders are looking for.  We have a select inventory in stock and ready to go!  The stock boots feature a small Italian flag just below the top (hard to see by the judge in the show ring!) and brushed black leather on the top design.  

If you don't see your size, just call or email us and we can get a pair ordered for you! or 704-664-6773

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