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Cox Vet Perk-a-Lyte Plus -  Paste 1.5oz

Cox Veterinary Labs

Cox Vet Perk-a-Lyte Plus - Paste 1.5oz

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Cox Vet Perk-A-Lyte Plus replenishes electrolytes lost during exercise. Use Perk-A-Lyte Plus Paste as a fast-acting electrolyte 1 to 2 hours after competition or strenuous exercise. Each tube contains 7.2 gm sodium chloride, 7.2 gm potassium chloride, 7.2 gm magnesium chloride, 7.2 gm calcium chloride, 28 mg iron, 4 mg zinc, 2 mg copper and 0.02 mg cobalt.  Made in the USA.

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