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Cox Vet Perk-a-Hoof - Quart

Cox Veterinary Labs

Cox Vet Perk-a-Hoof - Quart

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Cox Vet Perk-A-Hoof is a topical hoof dressing for horses that is specially formulated with maximum moisturizers to target the areas of the hoof that will benefit the most from additional moisture.

Contains pine tar, fish oil, turpentine, acetate and/or palmitate and/or propionate (source of vitamin A), d-activated animal sterol (source of vitamin D3), d-alpha tocopheryl acetate (source of vitamin E), iodine, jojoba oil, aloe vera gel, glycerine and wheat germ oil.

Directions: Shake well before using. Clean hooves thoroughly before applying. Apply with brush and work the dressing into the edge of the hair and frog, giving particular attention to the coronary band. Use daily or as needed.

Made in the USA.

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