Cowboy Magic Conditioner - 16 oz

by Charmar Land and Cattle Co
$ 6.49

Cowboy Magic Concentrated Rosewater Conditioner is the newest, most natural way to clarify and condition your horse's coat. It is called magic for a reason just a drop of this potion will strip away all debris, excess moisture and mineral or chemical buildup left from water. You can use it straight from the bottle or dilute it up to 20 to 1! Cowboy Magic goes to works instantly, its silk and. panthenol integrating into hair and skin for a moisturizing, massaging.effect. And because of its potency, you will only have to condition once every week to ten days. Cowboy Magic is guaranteed to demineralize the coat neutralize static electricity, detangle and relax both the skin and hair..Reviewed and preferred by dermatologists. Allergy tested. Best of all –it works magic on humans too!