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113-203 Cheval Short Sleeve Polo Shirt Navy and Lime Color Block

Cheval Fashions

Cheval Short Sleeve Polo Shirt - Navy

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This "Polo" Show Shirt by Cheval Fashions features a polo-style front opening giving this pull-over shirt a super sleek body. Made from a light-as-air cotton stretch fabric: feels light and crisp, breathes naturally and dries quickly. (Tip: cotton doesn't get smelly like some synthetics  Beautifully handmade in Canada. This "Polo" Show Shirt is a two-in-one shirt. An adorable "Polo" shirt to wear schooling or in the ring. Or a classic white show shirt under a jacket - collar snaps up and sleeves unsnap down (but we've found with most tech jackets you don't even bother unsnapping the sleeves). Great for many disciplines.


  • Size XS (Cheval Women's shirt size 2 or 4 /approx US size 30/32)
  • Size S (Cheval Women's shirt size 4 or 6 /approx US size 32/34)
  • Size M (Cheval Women's shirt size 8 or 10 /approx US size 36/38)
  • Size L (Cheval Women's shirt size 12 or 14 /approx US size 40/42)
  • Size XL (Cheval Women's shirt size 16 or 18 /approx US size 44/46)

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