Animo Mens Marlon Knee Patch Breeches

by Animo
$ 329.00

Animo breeches are renowned with riders all over the world.  The Animo Men's Marlon knee patch breech features the Animo Gripping System. This genial system consists of a special patch, made of a “gripping” material.  This allows the rider to stay in the tack and perfect stability in the jump phase and in his dressage performances.

Animo has distinguished itself all around the world, by providing top quality apparel, which are elegant and full of fashionable details. EVOLUTION The Animo breeches with all their innovations, seemed already perfect. With their anatomically designed form of the knee, to avoid that the rider painstakingly feeling the seams when moving. With their special bottom, designed to eliminate the problem of the presence of Velcro. And thanks to their soft internal padding, offering a comfortable fit to the horse’s back.