Customer Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it, see what customer's have to say about Paradise Farm & Tack. Whether in the store, over the phone or online, expect the same great service!

"I had the most amazing service and I was on FaceTime from Georgia! Best selection of riding gear especially for kids (which is hard to find)."  Reyna P.  *****

"Thank you Paradise Tack! I'm very satisfied of the purchases I made today from the warehouse sale! Thank you very much for helping me and having very friendly service!" Shannen S.  *****

"When I first saw this website I should it was going to be super lame, and small. but when I started looking I was amazed!! all of my favorite brands were online at this tack store, and the prices were so low!! I honestly was thinking that this was a scam. when I found the breeches I wanted for almost half price, I was so happy. then, they gave me a 10% off coupon, and free shipping! I was scared that this was a scam but when ahead and ordered anyway. when I found out that they gave me free, two day shipping I was sure that this was not true. but two days after I purchased the breeches they came right to me doorstep!! I am so happy with this company and will reccomend it to many of my friends. I will try to make all of my equestrian purchases in it also. overall, I am so happy with this company!" Katie M  *****

“I was concerned I may have ordered a show coat that was not going to be right for me. When I called the store, the owner Jenni Radtke, was extremely helpful! She asked questions about my weight, body type, height and not only stopped my original coat order, but e-mailed me photo's of show coats she thought would be perfect for me! I have NEVER experienced this kind of service when shopping on line. The show jacket she picked out personally for me, I just LOVE. I will always reach out to Paradise Farm and Tack for all my riding/horse/clothing needs! Amazing company with a caring owner!” Victoria F. *****

"I find myself extremely fortunate to live within easy driving distance to Paradise Tack in Mooresville, NC. They always have what I need as a professional Dressage rider,  instructor and facility owner.  I can run in and grab what I need from their enormous selection.  I am also extremely thankful to see the mobile unit at our USDF competitions as well, to pick up something I've forgotten or to grab an extra shirt or whatever I need.  They always carry the newest styles of apparel,  for the barn or show ring.  Now with the website and online ordering, when people ask me at clinics and shows where I got my show clothes, or everyday schooling breeches and shirts,  they can order straight from Paradise just with a click of the mouse!" Jennie F. 

"This place is my absolute favorite tack shop! She has everything you could need!! Love this place" Arianna T. *****

"Today I purchased a new helmet, which is often challenging because my head is an odd shape. Well the staff helped me find the perfect helmet and worked with me for over an hour. I am very appreciative. Awesome attitudes and helpful! Thank you Paradise Farm&Tack!" Kimberly B. *****

"Best tack store around and we are so lucky to have them here! Jenni and Jim are incredibly well informed and helpful. There is honestly nothing we have ever needed or wanted that they didn't have or weren't able to get. Genuinely wonderful people who care about their clients and their horses!!!" Susan M. *****

"Paradise Tack is easily one of my favorite stores. I always come out with the right fit and any questions I have answered. Every visit is definitely worthwhile!" Camyn H. *****

"I absolutely love the wide selection and new styles that Paradise Tack is constantly getting in. Every time I go to pick something up, I see new things that I can't leave behind! My horses and I are truly appreciative!" Jennie F. *****

"Paradise Tack is my favorite tack shop! Outstanding selection and service! I wish you a happy and healthy New Year!" Tommasina A. 

“They are the BEST!!! Amazing customer service.” Nancy L.

"Enjoyed shopping at your store yesterday for the first time. You were very attentive and knowledgeable. I found a beautiful new bridle, new jods, boots and leg wraps for my horse and more. Can't wait to tell all my friends at the barn about you:)” Janelle G.

"I received my Dublin Harrowed boots today. I love them. Thank you so much for the great customer service!” Kacie B.

"“Thank you so much for the excellent service. It's refreshing and greatly appreciated! Thanks Jenni and Jim!!” Racheal H.

"I came to the conclusion that I needed a new helmet for show jump and dressage. I was perplexed about which one to choose. I happened by Paradise Tack to pick up some boot trees; and mentioned in passing that I didn't know which helmet to go with. With the assistance of Jenni Radtke the fit took only seconds. And then came the dreaded "style question." I quickly decided to defer to the fashion experts on their staff, and we all came to a unanimous conclusion that a brown One K Defender Suede was the best choice for me! I chose the slightly more conservative "no bling" helmet but I'm thinking I may have to add another one with some bling to my collection! After all, everyone needs two helmets! It sure is uncomfortable putting on a sweaty helmet when riding multiple horses! Thanks a million Paradise Tack.” Katherine T. 

"Thank you and all of your staff for all that you do for for us horse people. You guys always go above and beyond to make sure your customers are well served." Bob T. 

"Paradise Tack is one of my favorite tack stores. I go there every couple months and the staff has never been anything other than friendly and helpful. Paradise tack employees go above and beyond in helping with fit... nothing beats leaving a store with the confidence that comes from getting help picking the most flattering and comfortable show jacket, breeches, etc. Prices are also super reasonable and comparable to anything else you could find online.” Ashley A.

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