Leather Care

A collection of products to clean your tack and other leather products.
Effax LeatherCombo - Paradise Farm and Tack
$ 17.95

Effax LeatherCombo


Effax Leather-Combi cleans and nourishes the leather fiber in a unique way, with a deep-penetrating effect, without making the leather greasy. High...

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Effax Cream Soap - Paradise Farm and Tack
$ 15.99

Effax Cream Soap


Effax Leather Cream Soap in the Flic-Flac bottle to turn upside down and hang on a nearby hook – without dripping. Cleans and cares for the leathe...

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Lexol - 1 Liter - Paradise Farm and Tack
$ 14.99

Lexol - 1 Liter


Lexol's unique formula penetrates into wet or dry leather to bond with the leather fibers. Unlike other products, Lexol does not leave a slick or s...

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Glycerine Saddle Soap - Paradise Farm and Tack
$ 7.29

Glycerine Saddle Soap


Effectively restores dried-out leather to it's full-bodied suppleness and buffs to a rich, satiny, scuff-resistant finish.