Parlanti Miami Field Boots

by Passioneq
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The Parlanti Miami Field Boot is the #1 Riding Boot in the World! The Parlanti Miami Boots are crafted from the finest calfskin leather to achieve the comfort, durability and streamline profiled fit that Parlanti is known for. The Parlanti Miami is equipped with laces and an elastic back panel to ensure a snug and flexible fit.The newly enhanced zippers and spur rests have eliminated 99% of breakage issues to date. The style and innovation of Parlanti Boots are second-to-none, as the Parlanti Passion Collection is still the most copied and imitated product by top-level brands. Parlanti Boots are hand crafted from premium quality leather. The Parlanti Passion range retains the same high standards and materials that Parlanti is renowned for throughout the world but are now available off-the-shelf. The Miami boots are made from calfskin leather with a stitched rubber sole, while the back zip with an elasticated panel and press stud closure ensures a comfortable, secure fit. Spur rests and a spur guard keep your spurs in the correct position. The Miami has front laces for added detail and flexibility. Also available without laces as the Denver style.

How to Measure for your tall boots

  • STEP 1 - FIND YOUR SHOE SIZE (see image of the Shoe Size conversion chart) Use the US/EU Shoe Chart to find your shoe size in EU. Write this number down.
  • STEP 2 - FIND YOUR CALF WIDTH While sitting in a chair, with your foot on the floor, measure the circumference (in CM) of the widest part of both calves. If your calves are different sizes, use the larger measurement of your two calves. Write this number down.
  • STEP 3 - FIND YOUR CALF HEIGHT Measure the back height of your calf (in CM) from the ground (barefoot) to the back of your knee crease. Be sure to add at least 1-2 CM in height to make up for the drop of the boot as it breaks in. This drop is usually 1-2 CM. Write this number down.
  • STEP 4 - USE THE SIZING CHART (see image of the Parlanti Tall Boots size chart) From this point you should have written down 3 numbers...your shoe size, your calf width, and your calf height. Use these three numbers to find your size on the Tall Boot Size Chart. The shoe sizes go across the top of the table. Down the left size is a listing of the calf size followed by the height size. EXAMPLE Shoe Size = 36 EU Calf Width = 29.0 CM Calf Height = 43.9 CM You are a: 36 Slim-Tall (36 S+)

When measuring, always wear both the breeches and socks that you would normally wear while riding. Boots and chaps should be snug when they arrive, as they will usually stretch a small amount, if any. Tall boots and chaps come with an elastic panel on the back, allowing for growth if necessary. After breaking in your boots, they will drop an average of 1.5 to 2.0 cm in height. These boots should require little or no breaking-in time at all. The boots should feel supple and comfortable, even the first time putting them on.