Fly & Pest Control

Fly & Pest Control for your horse and barn area.
Buzz off Fly Hood - Paradise Farm and Tack
$ 27.99

Buzz off Fly Hood


The Bucas Buzz Off zebra fly mask is made from a specially developed light weight fine mesh fabric that has high tensile strength. The mesh provide...

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Swat - Paradise Farm and Tack
$ 12.99



Swat Fly Repellent Ointment is a necessity around any barn for protecting horse and dog wounds from biting flies. It goes on thick and gooey and st...

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Shires Haynet Tie Ring - Paradise Farm and Tack
$ 5.99

Shires Haynet Tie Ring

Shires Equestrian

Convenient and labor saving tie ring that allows you to simply loop through and clip hay net.

Repel X Lotion - Paradise Farm and Tack
$ 11.99

Repel X Lotion


Repel-X Lotion is a convenient, ready-to-use wipe-on formula great for spot treatment on face and around wounds. 5-7 day protection against house, ...

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