Laminitis: Why you need to treat for it year around

In working on our new website, I found this great article from one of our top manufacturers, Medical and Surgical Assoc!  Wanted to share this research with you.  

Fall/Winter Laminitis: Why need Heiro Year Round by Medical and Surgical Associates 
A few exerts from the article:

  • Horse Insulin Resistance is year round – it does not go away.
  • Workload of the horse is reduced. There is less exercise with summer over. Exercise lowers Insulin. Heiro will help in this change.
  • In many places with warmer weather, there are still cooler nights which will increase fructans in grass. Cooler nights, extra rain or droughts can create Laminitis events by changing your grass. 
  • No/little fresh forage means a Vitamin E deficiency – either in a sunny, weedy lot in Florida or a snowy field in Pennsylvania (in cold weather areas, Vitamin E in grass is almost zero from November 1 – March 1).
    • Vitamin E in Heiro is over 2.5 times daily needs in order to combat inflammation of Equine Insulin Resistance. If you pull off Vitamin E in Fall/Winter, you go Vitamin E deficient within 30 days in university studies.
    • Vitamin E is the most important lipid (fat) soluble antioxidant responsible for integrity of biological structures such as cell membrane. Dr. Coombs, 1975, Fed. Pox. 34.
    • Heiro contains ester-stable Vitamin E so good in heat/light/air – the one that works. “Free Vitamin E compounds are particularly unstable, so ester-stable form is a better form in supplements.” Gassman, 1979, MD Nut Food Res.
    • Avoids neurological diseases – “Low Vitamin E is associated with EDM and EMND neurological diseases.” Goer, 2013, Equine App. Clin. Nut.
    • Vitamin E supplement shown to help brood mares by increasing IgG antibody in colostrum and hence increased IgG in foal’s blood. Hoffman, 1999, Eq. Nutri Physio.
    • Helps with immune function. Antibody response to vaccines increased in horses supplemented with Vitamin E. Balstrud, 1986, Eq. Vet. J.
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