Jenni's Gems! - Volume 1 - Muck Boots

Jenni's Gems! - Volume 1 - Muck Boots

So many times I have customers say, "I'm so glad you are here to give me your advice".  But as a growing business, I'm finding it harder and harder to be in all places at once.  So as we approach the holiday season, I'm going to kick off a new blog series called "Jenni's Gems".  The goal is to share some top picks with you on products that I find are the "best of the best" in my opinion.  Jim and I travel to buyer shows each year, meet with manufacturer's and their reps and select for our product catalog what we feel customer's are asking for and would find value in. As a small business, we can only afford so much in stock inventory so we need to be sure we are selecting what we feel as the right products for our customers.  We don't do this in isolation, but are constantly talking to customers to find out their needs and wants so we can take that into our buying decisions.  In the end, customers tell us "what a unique selection" of products we offer and that "Paradise truly stands apart from other tack shops".  So to help you understand our choices, I'll do product highlights in these various blog posts.  So when you are faced with choices and not sure which to select, you can have my best advice as an input.  In the end, you select what is best for you because it of course about your situation, your needs and your goals.  

So let's start this first series with Muck/Mud boots.  We started Paradise Farm & Tack just 5 years ago but have had many years of owning a farm and horses prior to our endeavor.  We have tried personally so many brands of Mud boots, many to our disappointment.  Lots have the features we wanted, but weren't so comfortable.  Or they started out great, only to fall apart after a year.  And some were our "best selections" at one time, but then didn't keep up with the changing times and suddenly other brands surpassed them.  But for a couple of years now, our top pick for Mud boots has been the Noble Outfitters MUDS series.  And they only get better and better by staying cutting edge in their design and functionality but also in the styles and sizes.  It's not hard to see why the MUDS from Noble has become their top selling product.

So, we live in NC and well it is HOT here 3/4 of the year.  So most boots in this category are just too hot.  That is one reason we love the Stay Cool MUDS which are designed to be breathable for year round wearing.  They come in short, mid and tall heights, ladies and men's and even in 1/2 sizes for the perfect fit. The MUDS now come in some pretty fun colors!  And when they say their are waterproof, they are waterproof to the top of the boot.  Many waterproof boots are only waterproof to the ankle area as they use a  "liner" inside the boot to make them waterproof.  Not the MUDS from Noble.  They are waterproof to the top.  There is nothing I hate more than a wet sock from a leaky boot!  

But even in the south, we have the cold weather so we switch over to our Cold Front series which features all the same great features of the Stay Cool but has an added layer of Neoprene and Insulation.  This will keep your toes warm and toasty in that cold weather.  

But the best part of the MUDS is the foot bed.  I am on my feet all day long and many nights have aching feet.  But when I wear my MUDS to work, I have a spring in my step all day long.  The shock absorbing footbed wraps around your foot and makes you say "Awww" every time you put them on.  I had one customer recently say that they were more comfortable than any other shoe that she has ever worn.

MUDS are suitable for anyone!  We sell them to all types of people that are spending time outside in the elements. 

What's the downside?  They don't yet come in kid's sizes (hint, hint Noble!)  

Check out this product video from the team at Noble Outfitters. And click here to see the full collection of MUDS by Noble Outfitters available here at Paradise Farm & Tack


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Tamara - February 26, 2018

I tell EVERYONE how much I love my Noble MUDS, just for the reasons you describe above. I’m shocked more people haven’t heard of them. I even tell my non-equestrian friends to get them for rain boots!

Noble has been bringing out some really terrific stuff the past few years. It’s nearly become my favorite brand for all things horses, when I just want something that has good style, great function and great value. Sure, you can spend more (and I do), but for solid, reliable basics, Noble can’t be beat… and their style is on point.

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