Featured Product: Bucas Power Turnout Blankets

Featured Product: Bucas Power Turnout Blankets

The Chill is in the air!

Is your horse ready for winter?

Tired of having numerous blankets for just one horse?
Hate having to wait while the your horse drys with the cooler only to remove it and put yet another blanket on?


If you answered Yes, then the Bucas Power Turnout is the ONE Blanket for you. Yes just one blanket!

The Bucas Power Turnout has a ballistic nylon outer, is waterproof, breathable and has a heat reflective inner aluminium coating. Shoulder darts and Click’n Go front buckle system means the Power Turnout is always the perfect fit! The Power Turnout also comes with Stay-dry Anti-Bacterial lining which means the blanket can be put on a wet horse the same way as a sweat rug or cooler. The Stay-dry Anti-Bacterial lining pulls that moisture away from the horses skin so you don't have the feeling of a wet cooler against your horse. It will quickly dry the horse and can be left on, thus avoiding extra rug changes.

Available in a Classic cut, with a Combi Neck sold separately and the Big Neck Version. The Power Turnout Big Neck is a great rug for stallions and breeds of horses that tend to be wider across the shoulders like Friesians, Andalusian, Draughts and even some warmbloods.

Ever have a chilly morning that suddenly turns warm and your horse is still in his/her blanket? No worries with the Bucas Power Turnout. With the two versions, Light and Extra, your horse will be comfortable in a wide range of temperatures.

Temp range for Light is 14F - 61F

Temp range for Extra is -13F - 55F

Even if the horse sweats in the higher temperature the moisture wicking fleece lining pulls that moisture away from the horse.

The Bucas Power Turnout is our top selling blanket! Customers Love it! Barn Owners Love it!

It's the only blanket I use on my horses.

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